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Designing & Building eLearning

Technology has found its place in the classroom over the past several years.

Our team of technology experts and designers craft engaging learning experiences uniquely designed to meet your requirements. Let us enhance the performance and compliance of your organisation with a flexible and highly interactive e-Learning solution.

We believe learning as the process to strengthening your competitive advantage. Our experienced and creative team can deliver innovative, targeted solutions to meet your unique challenges. We incorporate interactive ideas, simulations and video scenarios to develop feature rich, motivating learning that completely engages the learner.

From fast turnaround projects to bespoke e-learning platform design we’ve got you covered.

How we’ll make your learning platform engaging by design

Custom look and feel
Our UX designers will create a learning platform design that’s guided by your brand. Your brand identities like logo and colour scheme will all factor into the design.

Making your learners feel familier
We will integrate the best bits of your existing systems to create a User experience design and user journey that is already familiar to your learners.

Easy user journeys
Let us make it as simple as possible for your learners to follow the courses and information they need, no matter what their IT skills.

Any device, any time
Your learners might need to study on their pc,tabs, ipads,& smart phone. That is why we create responsive designs that deliver a great User Experiences on all devices.

Optimised experiences
We will work with you to make sure the usability , accessibility and therby provides the ultimate user experience for your learners.

High quality UX design
Our elearning solution design work will immediately show your learners that consideration and care has been taken and it’s worth their while to engage.

Why Scholar?

course selling module

School/college/Academy/university, can create different course from their admin dashboard. Under each course, they can create the Subjects and topics. Each subject and topic may have various elements such as Videos, Exams, Study Materials etc. Enjoy the full controll over every content you provide.

Interactive live streaming

Full HD streaming

Live Questions & Answers session.

Create Live polls Audience chat

On demand Recorded Videos

By choosing the perfect & cost effective E-learning platform and makes a difference in your leraners's digital classroom experience.

cloud service that allows you to live stream, upload videos securely, and manage video content

When it comes to hosting and broadcasting videos, educators have unique specific needs .We will implement all specific needs on customization.

Option for setting privacy settings Making certain content available on a website or social media page via embedding

Powerful online assessment module.

Educator can create the exams contains different question types. Students can take these tests and get the results of these tests including rank ,correct and wrong attempts with supporting explanations on their profile.

Support MCQ, Image and video based questions,Explanatory questions.

We use smart algorithms to recognize strength and weakness of candidates.

Support for video and graphical explanations for each question.

We support in house Real time exams via LAN/WAN.

Generates rank

Online discussion module

Course subscribed user will have access to the forums section where they can interact with different students and professors and can solve their queries.

Instant Chat with voice and file support

Distribute study materials in a safe & secure way

Contetnt Protection.

Custom Branding for your unique study materials.

Full fledge admin dashboard

Different Levels of admin users.

Role Based Admin Access.

Dynamic Role and Permission

Assignment for admin users

Sales Analytics with powerful diagrams.

Students Performance Analytics

Exam Analytics

Dashboard with Total revenue generated through different courses.

Upload class videos

Conduct & manage Online Examinations

Most Selling Courses

Upload Study Material

Upload News & Articles

Monitors different activities such as student's user profile creation,generation of ranklist etc

Manage Discussion Forum

Online Assessment of Projects & Assignments

SEO Analytics,Google and Pixel Analytics

Survey tools to get student's feedback.

Integrate Our Powerful survey tools to get acurate feedbacks about classes and faculties.

marketing tools

Search Engine Optimization

Google Adwords & Social Media Promotion

Bulk/Promotional SMS and EMail Service

Fee Collection Module

Collect fee directly via payment gateway